Weight Lifting Class

A History of Academic Excellence

Christian Knowledge
The Christ-centered curriculum is designed to teach students about the key concepts of the Christian faith, such as Law and Gospel, confession, repentance, forgiveness and faith.

Memory Work 
Because of the importance and power of the Word of God in the lives of His people, memory work is an integral part of Christian education. Students study and learn scripture verses and related Bible references to reinforce these teachings.

Language Arts
St. Johns reading program provides developmentally appropriate instruction in reading and writing to meet the needs of each student. In large group and small (Guided Reading), students will read a variety of genres and develop necessary skills to comprehend the different forms of literature. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are continually integrated into the rest of the curriculum.

Students will continue to refine skills practiced in previous grades and be challenged to higher level skills. Students in middle school are placed in math classes according to the skills they are ready to develop.

Through daily study of God’s world, during a two year rotation, the students will study the different sciences in the world. Students will begin to understand and appreciate God’s creation.

Social Studies 
The students study the different social studies to develop an understanding of history and how history relates to today. We begin with citizenship and community and work our way towards, economics and civics.

The main focus of the music program is to present music as a special gift from God, used for his glory and praise. Students learn music concepts and skills through singing, playing, listening, moving, creating, and music reading.

We work to provide the most current technological advances to be used to amplify the education of the users to help create new ideas.

Physical Education 
Through physical movement, the students will understand movement concepts, develop movement patterns and skills, participate in games, sports, and dance and participate in daily physical activities.