Programs & Services

Weight Lifting Class


St. John’s 5th-8th graders have the opportunity to participate in the Lutheran Elementary Band program offered by the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee. If you’re interested in joining the program, please contact Anne Widener at

Counseling Services
St. John’s Lutheran partners with Lutheran Counseling and Family Services to provide our students with a counselor that is state licensed with additional qualifications in children’s counseling, family counseling and trauma recovery. By offering services within a child’s school, parents are assured their child is receiving quality professional care without the worry of transportations concerns, working around schedules or taking a child to a clinical setting.

Raise Right
Raise Right is a fundraising program that offers gift cards that can be used as cash.  These gift cards are issued by retailers where families already shop and can be used to purchase everyday items such as food, gasoline, clothing and dining. For every gift card purchased a percentage is donated to the school.

PTL-The Parent Teacher League is made up of ALL parents who have children that attend St. John’s Lutheran School. For more information about PTL, contact the school office.

Besides fundraising for “extras” at St. John’s, parents volunteer their time at different events throughout the school year.


Giving Back

At St. John’s we believe in doing God’s work and giving back to our community. The students and staff participate in frequent events to donate time and money to those in need. 

Yoga Class

Making a difference

  • Walk-a-thon 2022

    We reached our fundraising goal by collecting $8,000! And, as you can see in the pictures, we also reached our goal to build up the Saint John’s community. It was a gorgeous fall day for some walking, and walk we did! Thanks to everyone who gave, walked, collected, and volunteered. We’re stronger together! #SJLpride